Chief Products

ItemSizesCase Quantity
Kuchela355g (12oz)12Quick View
Mango Amchar355g (12oz)12Quick View
Mango Chutney355ml (12oz)12Quick View
Lime Pepper Sauce375ml (13oz)12Quick View
Pommecythere Kuchela 355ml (12oz)12Quick View

Baking Products

ITEMSIZESCase Quantity
Almond Essence5oz, 8oz25, 24Quick View
Aniseed Essence5oz25Quick View
Allspice Essence5oz24Quick View
Baking Powder40oz20Quick View
Custard Powder30oz10Quick View
Cocoa Powder200g (70oz)12Quick View
Cherry Essence5oz25Quick View
Clove Essence5oz24Quick View
Coconut Essence5oz24Quick View
Coffee Essence5oz24Quick View
Cinnamon Essence5oz24Quick View
Cardamom Essence5oz24Quick View
Mix Essence5oz24Quick View
Vanilla Essence 5oz24Quick View
Vanilla (Clear) Essence5oz24Quick View


Ground Coffee230g (8oz)10Quick View
Premium Coffee450g (15.9oz)12Quick View


Amchar Massala3oz, 5.3oz, 8oz, 1lb10, 12, 10, 5Quick View
Bara Mix300g10Quick View
Curry3oz, 5.3oz, 8oz, 1lb10, 12, 10, 5Quick View
Curry Tub4.4lb1Quick View
Curry Stew85g (3oz)10Quick View
Cariherb Curry2.5kg4Quick View
Cariherb Madras Curry3oz, 8oz, 1lb10, 10, 5Quick View
Cariherb Ground Massala
Duck & Goat
8oz10Quick View
Chatack Madras Curry8oz10Quick View
Duck & Goat Powder3oz, 5.3oz, 1lb10, 12, 5Quick View
Fish Massala85g (3oz)10Quick View
Ground Roasted Geera3oz, 8oz, 1lb10, 10, 5Quick View
Ground Massala3oz, 8oz, 1lb10, 10, 5Quick View
Ground Geera150g (5.3oz)12Quick View
Garam Massala3oz, 5.3oz10, 12Quick View
Jamaican Curry3oz10Quick View
Kala Madras Curry3oz, 8oz, 1lb10, 10, 5Quick View
Kala Madras Curry Tub1.5kg (4lbs)1Quick View
Turmeric3oz, 5.3oz, 8oz, 1lb10, 12, 10, 5Quick View
Taj Indiain Madras Curry8oz10Quick View
Taj Madras Curry60g20Quick View
Tandoori Massala3oz10Quick View
Whole Geera3oz10Quick View


Ground Channa200g10Quick View
Pholourie Mix10oz10Quick View
Yellow Corn Meal1lb5Quick View


Browning10oz24Quick View
Chinese Sauce10oz, 26oz24, 12Quick View
Chutney Hot Sauce5oz24Quick View
Cassareep5oz25Quick View
Fish Marinade110z24Quick View
Garlic Soy Sauce5oz24Quick View
Ginger Soy Sauce5oz24Quick View
Hot & Tasty Red Sauce11oz24Quick View
Hot & Tasty Hot Sauce26oz12Quick View
Lime Pepper Sauce12oz12Quick View
Soy Sauce (Less Sodium )5oz24Quick View
Meat Marinade11oz24Quick View
Mauby Concentrate 26oz12Quick View
Red Hot Sauce10oz, 26oz24, 12Quick View
Soy Sauce5.5oz, 10oz24, 12Quick View
Seasoned Soy Sauce5.5oz24Quick View
Shadon Beni Sauce12oz12Quick View
Teriyaki Sauce5oz24Quick View
Worcestershire Sauce5oz24Quick View
Yellow Hot Sauce26oz, 10oz12, 24Quick View


All-Purpose Seasoning40g20Quick View
Adobo Complete Seasoning40g20Quick View
Adobo Garlic Parsley40g20Quick View
Biryani Seasoning Mix40g20Quick View
Chicken Seasoning40g20Quick View
Chinese Seasoning40g20Quick View
Chow Mein Seasoning40g20Quick View
Creole Seasoning750ml12Quick View
Cook-Up Seasoning40g20Quick View
Fried Rice Seasoning40g20Quick View
Fish Seasoning40g20Quick View
Gyro Seasoning40g20Quick View
Green Seasoning11oz, 26oz24, 12Quick View
Ginger Powder40g20Quick View
Garlic Powder40g20Quick View
Hakka Seasoning40g20Quick View
Jerk Seasoning40g20Quick View
Meat Tenderizer40g20Quick View
Onion Powder40g20Quick View
Pimento Green Seasoning10oz, 26oz24, 12Quick View
Rotisserie Seasoning40g20Quick View
Seafood Seasoning40g20Quick View
Steak Rub40g20Quick View
Vetsin (M.S.G)3oz10Quick View


Eleven Herbs & Spices40g20Quick View
Five Spice Powder3oz10Quick View
Pumpkin Spice40g20Quick View

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About Chief

Chief Brand Products is located in Trinidad & Tobago. The company was established by Sayeed Khan in 1957 and today is the largest manufacturer/exporter of spices, seasonings and condiments in the entire Caribbean region. Established since 1957, the company manufactures and distributes various product lines. Beginning with curry, the company’s expanded production line now comprises more than 120 top-of-the-line exclusive quality products under several brand names. Use our range of select spices and seasonings to bring out and enhance the natural flavors and juices of meats, seafood, poultry and vegetables. Our drink mixes and snacks make welcome counterparts to the perfect meal. Click on the link icons to your left to explore our products.

“The Chief Reason is Always Taste… Yours and Ours”